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We hire out three boats, two based in Christchurch with a possible other boat to come later this year, possibly based at Lake Hood.

The boats are:

In the Sounds we have a 16 ft 7 inch Plylite Bluewater, powered by a 90 Hp 2001Boat for Hire in Havelock &  Waikawa in the Marlborough Sounds
Yamaha two stroke and this is backed up with a 2001 mercury 8 Hp two stroke.

The Plylite has two VHF radios, A colour Chart plotter, a colour Depth sounder and
Fish finder, and has three 25 litre tote tanks for the main motor and one 8 litre tank
 for the back up motor. The tanks are interchangable between motors.

It has twin batteries with isolating switches so it helps protects against flat batteries.
The boat has twin Bilge pumps, operating independently of each other, one auto and
one manually switched.

Anchor winch for easy setting and anchor hauling up.

Seating and load rating for the Plylite is four adults. Life jackets for both boats are supplied according to intended sizes requested.

This boat is ideal for exploring or water skiing, and is suitable for fishing for to to
three adults. Note : This Boat can also be hired from Christchurch at certain
times of the year, please ask for this when booking.

We also hire water skis and water toys now, either with or without the boats.

3.4 metre RIB powered by a Kawasaki jetski
In Christchurch
, a 3.4 metre RIB powered by a Kawasaki jetski that is built in to the
hull of the boat, This is suitable for two adults and two kids or a combination of similar
weight. max speed is around 75 Km/hr with one person. This boat is ideal for exploring, but not fishing due to the nature of it's construction.

Update: This boat is stolen. Please let us know if you see it. It is an one off, and there are no other boats the same in New Zealand.

Also in Christchurch
, a 3.8 metre Aakron Alloy hulled RIB, powered by an 2 Hp Suzuki
Outboard. This is suitable for Exploring or Diving, and seating is by way of side tubes
and a forward seat. Seats Four Adults or two Adults and three kids or combination of
Simular wieght. Max speed on the 2 Hp is about 10 Km / Hr with one person.                                     

This boat is not suitable for fishing due to the nature of the consruction. Hooks may
puntcture into tubes ! More pictures to come.

Note neither boat is allowed on rivers due to insurance requirements.

Great Things about Hiring a Boat

No maintenance or insurance worries
No Storage worries
No deprecation worries or guilt if you don't use it for some weeks
Use your money that's normally tied up in a boat to buy the new car or whatever
With our rental boats, the fun starts here!!!

Page last updated in Oct 2011

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